Friday, November 18

We will kick off the last day of the Summit with a deep dive into some of the most relevant topics for your social ventures and then reconnect with your peers from your own SIA cohorts. We join together in the Closing Ceremony to share what we learned in the past days and think of how to take them forward. In the evening we celebrate our community through tombola and of course – big party.


Parallel sessions

Session 1: Impact Measurement: How to get started and why it’s worth your time | Peter Vandor, WU Vienna
Conference room 1.3

As Peter Drucker allegedly said about organizational performance,” if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. But how do you get started measuring impact as a young social enterprise? And is it even worth your time, considering all the other burning obligations in your budding venture?

In course of this workshop, you will be introduced to key ideas and resources in impact measurement from a pragmatic angle and have an opportunity to reflect on your own. The workshop will be designed with beginners in mind, though it should also be beneficial to those who have already spent some thought on Impact Measurement Methodologies and want to revisit and improve their ideas.

The instructor Peter Vandor is co-founder of the Social Entrepreneurship Center at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and founder of Social Impact Award.

Session 2: Game up your fundraising | Jakob Detering, Social Impact Award
Conference room 1.7

Whether it is philanthropic funding, corporate funding, or public funding - the vast majority of social entrepreneurs rely on such sources as part of their business models. But how to identify such funding opportunities? How to approach those funders? How to negotiate with them successfully to close attractive funding partnerships? And how to keep those partners engaged and involved?

Jakob Detering, Chairman of the Board at SIA, will bring 10+ years of fundraising in the social entrepreneurship sector to the table and host an interactive session on fundraising. Jakob has been a social entrepreneur himself, worked many years in the foundation sector, and is the impact advisor to Austria's largest impact investment fund. This session is designed for all levels of experience in fundraising.

Session 3: Building a brand: What it really takes to build a brand that’s truly yours | Sabine Reitmayer-Wawer
Conference room 1.2

No matter whether you are only about to start with your business and make the first thoughts about your brand or you’re about to re-think what your business or your brand stands for. In this hands-on workshop, you will look from different perspectives on what a brand really is, learn what sustainable branding & marketing needs, and understand how it’s all connected with personality, business, and you.

Session 4: Including and working with diversity in your social venture | Sebile Yapici, commit by MitOst
Conference room 1.4

In this session, we will explore how to build a more inclusive and diverse social venture. We will start with a short self-reflection on our own diverse identities. Further, we will reflect on power relations within your venture and in relation to other people e.g. your customers, and work on an action plan for change to a more inclusive work environment and a more inclusive venture.

Session 5: Reflection Lab | Exclusive session for SIA Hosts
Conference room 1.6

Reflection Lab is a space for coordinators to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and the most significant lessons learned from their years of local SIA implementation. They will work on the different stages at their own pace & order. Also, they will be provided with guiding questions and impact data that will help them explore learning points.

Session 6: GYP Transnational Project Meeting | Exclusive session for GYP project partners
Conference room 1.5


Lunch Break



Parallel sessions

Session 1: Social Banking Consulting | Florian Ott and Johann Heep, Erste Group
Conference room 1.6

Gain in-depth consulting from the Social Banking department of Erste Bank, on what financial instruments they have to support your work, which one could be best suited for you, what documentation you would need to apply for it, and anything else that would be relevant for you.

The Social Banking program of Erste Group offers starting entrepreneurs working-capital and start-up loans as well as business trainings and mentoring, working-capital and investment loans to support small entrepreneurs from rural areas, and bridge- and investment loans and quasi-equity, as well as help in testing the sustainability of social organization's business models.

If you are an entrepreneur from Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia or Romania, and are looking for funding for your venture or social organization, this session is for you!

Session 2: Getting things done | Matthias Reisinger, Stiftung für Wirtschaftsbildung
#team #wellbeing
Conference room 1.7

Over many years of trial and error, Matthias found a productivity system that worked for him, while he was an entrepreneur, as well as when he was working in leadership positions in larger organizations. If you feel overwhelmed by all the things you want to do in your private and professional life, join Matthias and learn how you can set up your own productivity system to get more things done.

Session 3: Pitch roasting | Diego Heatherman, Impact Hub Vienna, Lisa Schnägelberger, Social Impact Award, and Elisabeth Petracs, Erste Digital
Conference room 1.5

As a starting entrepreneur, there are always opportunities to pitch your business. Whether at competitions, networking events or to investors or potential partners, the pitch is your entry door to many conversations.

In this session, YOU are on the stage. Come prepared with your pitch (and even pitch deck) and let our experts give you feedback on how can you improve your pitch.

Session 4: Embracing the Facilitator's approach for better meetings & gatherings | Toni Chung, Innovation Facilitator
Conference room 1.3

Facilitation describes the essential capacity to lead yourself and others toward a desired outcome. Every day, we find ourselves in situations where we interact with others with the intention of creating something together - think of meetings, workshops, or any kind of group event. However, very often we encounter challenges such as inefficient processes, lack of motivation, and unwillingness to act - just to name a few.

The facilitator's approach consists of a special set of tools, skills, and mindset which is highly solution-oriented and will help you to empower those around you and ultimately create more impact. This session aims to deliver practical impulses for you to find better ways how to conduct meetings, empower your team, and lead yourself.

Session 5: How to be digitally sustainable with your social startup? | Jutta Grabenhofer, Microsoft Austria
Conference room 1.4

Discover the ways of how to combine ecological sustainability and digitalization with the help of expert Jutta Grabenhofer, Sustainability Lead at Microsoft Austria. Work together in teams and discuss how to minimize your digital CO2 footprint.


Coffee Break



Country Time

Grand Hall

Time to check back in with peers from your own cohorts - what is that you are bringing back to your own environment and how can you support each other on your entrepreneurial journey?


Closing Ceremony

Grand Hall

In the Closing Ceremony, we will reflect together on the past three days and celebrate the connections made. Our keynote will share encouraging messages about the importance of youth social innovators in today's societies and share how to push your local ecosystems to provide more support for social entrepreneurs.

Keynote: Christoph Wiederkehr, Vice Mayor of Vienna and City Councillor for Education





Tombola @Belushi's Bar

Belushi's Bar

The Tombola is a chance to connect with other Summit participants in a playful and informal atmosphere. To participate you need to bring a small item as a gift and buy a token at the Erste Campus or at Belushi's bar. By buying many tokens you increase your chances to win more gifts and also help by supporting great projects as 100% of the proceeds will go to a selected charity supporting refugees from Ukraine.


After Party

Club U

Summit's legendary after-party is back - and we expecting nothing less than an all-nighter 😉

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