We want to provide you with a wonderful SIA Summit experience! Therefore, we aim to introduce you to the locations that will be important to you during the event.

Erste Campus

Most activities, opening, sessions, and closing, will all be realized at the location of the Erste Campus.

The Erste Campus location is unique – it is one of the districts of Vienna most steeped in history. With cultural jewels such as the Belvedere Palace close by, this district stands for human achievement and economic progress. Even in the 19th century, the Südbahnhof railway station was not just the gateway to the south but also a military and a historical hub that held a particular attraction for many people from all parts of the empire, with all their hopes and expectations.

The Erste Campus is situated right next to the new main railway station and is positioned on two important transport axes for Vienna. Additionally, it also faces the Schweizer Garten park – yet another benefit for Erste Group staff. The old Südbahnhof railway station had to make way and has now become a piece of Viennese history. The Erste Campus is a place where staff, customers, and everyone who wishes to shape the future with us can come together.

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The whole SIA Summit event will take a place in the Erste Campus, so we will have a chance to enjoy this magnificent and spacious place. If you want to Discover the virtual world of Erste Campus, click here.




Hotel B&B

To ensure your accommodation is very close to the Erste Campus, we booked the rooms in Hotel B&B. Set in the city center, with a colorful exterior, a 10 – minute walk from the Erste Campus and a 9 – minute walk from the Wien Hauptbahnhof train station.

The streamlined rooms with soundproof windows feature complimentary Wi-Fi, flat-screen TVs, and en suite, shower-only bathrooms. 

Accommodation will be provided in twin rooms for four nights (November 15 – November 19), and a breakfast buffet will be served in a casual dining room.

Address: Bloch Bauer Promenade 5, 1100 Wien, Austria

Find a location on Google Maps HERE.




How do you arrive at the hotel if you are coming to Vienna by train?

  • Go to the Central Railway Vienna Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof).
  • Vienna Main Station is one of the most important transport hubs in the city. All long-distance trains of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) stop here.
  • Walk for 9 minutes to arrive at Hotel B&B.

How do you arrive at the hotel if you are coming to Vienna by airplane?

  • The best way to get from Wien Hbf to Vienna Airport (VIE) is to train, which takes 15 min and costs €13 – €24.
  • The train from Flughafen Wien (the Airport) to Wien Hbf (Central Railway Vienna Station) departs every 30 minutes.
  • When you arrive at the Central Railway Vienna Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof), walk for 9 minutes to get to Hotel B&B.

Please check out Google Maps to explore the best option for your journey.


Belushi’s Vienna bar


Although we are preparing much interesting content for the sessions at the Erste Campus, we also want to create a work-life balance space and give ourselves enough time to have fun and enjoy the group. In order to do so, we found an amazing SIA Summit hangout spot!

Every night, after the sessions, we will have a chance to have fun with some good music, drinks, and snacks at Belushi’s Vienna bar, a 13 – minute walk from the Erste Campus and a 10 – minute walk from the Hotel B&B.

Address: Columbusgasse 161100, WienAustria

Find a location on Google Maps HERE.




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