Journey to Impact

SIA Summit 2023 – a transformative three-day journey that promises to ignite inspiration, foster innovation, and embrace sustainable impact.

What to expect?

The SIA Summit gathers over 120 young social innovators from Europe, Central Asia, and East Africa. The event is exclusively designed for SIA winners, team members, partners, and alumni from more than 18 countries worldwide. The SIA Summit 2023 frames social entrepreneurship as an ongoing expedition, where participants embark on a transformative voyage. This journey involves exploring uncharted territories, overcoming obstacles, and embracing the unpredictability inherent in driving social change. It revolves around the idea that social entrepreneurship and driving positive impact are not static processes but rather dynamic journeys of continuous learning, discovery, and evolution.


Explore the agenda that covers topics on #climate, #finance, #team, #impact, #tech, and #communications, in many interesting and varied formats.



We want to provide you with a wonderful SIA Summit experience! Therefore, we aim to introduce you to the locations that will be important to you during the event.

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