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Hotel Vojvodina

Trg Slobode 2, Novi Sad

Hotel Vojvodina is located in the city center, 2km away from the main bus and railway stations, and 1 km away from the University of Novi Sad (where most of the Summit activities will be organized).

Accommodation will be provided in twin rooms for four nights (November 27 – December 1), and a breakfast buffet will be served in a casual dining room each day except November 27.

How to get there?

When you arrive at the main bus/railway station in Novi Sad (both are at the same location), there a several ways to get to Hotel Vojvodina:

  • If you decide to walk to the hotel location it will take you 25 minutes to get there.
  • The taxi station is on the left side, right next to the railway station. You can order a taxi, the travel will last for 7 minutes and the price is approximately 500 RSD (4-5 EUR).  Please save one of these numbers on your phone in case you can’t find taxi drivers at the station.
  • You can use public transportation to get there. Straight from the bus/railway station is a bus stop, so you can catch bus number 4, and travel for 3 stations. After you arrive there, your hotel will be a 5-minute away by walk away.