SIA Speaker

Katarina Ejdus


Katarina Ejdus stands at the forefront of social entrepreneurship as the founder of Women on the Way, a Serbia-based social enterprise and a fashion brand dedicated to empowering female refugees through economic opportunities. Since its establishment in 2021, Katarina has spearheaded initiatives that not only foster social inclusion but also create essential income avenues for female migrants. Her successful fundraising efforts with major organizations like the French Development Agency and the European Union have significantly expanded the reach and impact of the enterprise.

In a remarkable expansion of her impact, Women on the Way has been one of the founders of the Cultural Diversity in Sustainable Fashion initiative. This groundbreaking project united extraordinary women in sustainable fashion and their initiatives from across Serbia. The project culminated in the “Market of Different Fashion” event in Belgrade, a platform celebrating diverse and sustainable fashion practices, blending cultural diversity with environmental consciousness in the fashion industry.

Katarina holds an MA in Intercultural Dialogue from the Faculty of Philology, Belgrade University, where she excelled with her thesis on “Women refugees from the Middle East in Serbia – experiences and challenges”. This work underscores her dedication to understanding complex social issues surrounding migration and gender.


SIA Speaker Katarina Ejdus Founder Women On The Way