SIA Speaker

Mark Kalin


Mark Kalin is an experienced expert in business development and digitalization, consultant, investor, and lecturer, with a very rich education, as he has 4 master’s degrees. He is currently the CEO of ABC Accelerator. ABC Accelerator was the best Accelerator in CEE from 2015-2018. They have accelerated more than 500 startups and invested in more than 100 startups.

Among his experiences, he was a member of the Elektronček Group Management Board, one of the biggest family offices in the Adria region, before that he was the Senior director of business development in the Kolektor Group with 5,500 employees. He has extensive experience with digitization and the introduction of new business models. Mark was also a director at the Swedish VC fund Nordic Delta Group, head of innovation and development at BTC d.d., which transformed into an innovative, smart city and the first Bitcoin city in the world, head of business development at Geneplanet, which the Financial Times in 2019 ranked among the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe, and is also the founder of brand Love Pets and the Beyond Leadership podcast.